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Antimicrobial Technology

The technology behind the SpectraShield™ Series of respirator masks is an amalgamation of proprietary and patented technologies resulting in an effective antimicrobial respirator mask. We know of no other technology that offers the same long lasting and highly effective superior performance and attributes.

What is the Antimicrobial Agent?
The antimicrobial agent is an optimal blend of naturally existing silver and copper that are organic, yet very powerful. For centuries, silver has been used in purification and medicinal purposes. Today, the same antimicrobial agents have been used safely in medical and industrial applications from catheters, to ice machines, to food packaging.

Thorough testing has shown the silver-copper antimicrobial compounds to be nontoxic and effective, making the agents perfectly suited for antimicrobial respirator masks. These same antimicrobial agents are National Science Foundation (NSF) and U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) listed and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered. They are also listed with the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association as a cosmetic preservative and have the standard approval in Europe under the Biocidal Products Directive

How does the Antimicrobial Agent work?
zeolite antimicrobial agent
The cornerstone to the technology is silver (Ag), a naturally occurring, safe, and effective antimicrobial agent in its ionic form. The delivery system is a zeolite carrier that allows a controlled and effective release of the silver ions, on demand, thus killing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus over long periods of time. This stable ion exchange process is non-reactive and allows the compound to be used in virtually every imaginable manufacturing process.

Silver and copper active elements are released at a steady rate as they interact with humidity in the environment, producing an antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral surface. The moisture in the environment causes a controlled release of the copper and silver through a proprietary ionic exchange.

The silver-copper zeolite antimicrobial agent is embedded throughout the fabric of the mask. As humidity in the environment naturally interacts with the silver-copper zeolites, an ion is omitted which interacts with the cells of microorganism and interrupts its ability to function or reproduce. This safe and nontoxic release of the ions are continuous and remain active over long periods of time.

In many applications, the antimicrobial compound has been shown to provide antimicrobial efficacy in just a few minutes while maintaining optimal killing and inhibitory performance for months.

Technology Diagram

How does the Antimicrobial Agent get into the SpectraShield™ mask?
Through a proprietary patented process, the antimicrobial silver-copper zeolites are permanently embedded into the fibers at the origin of the manufacturing process which had been proven through extensive laboratory testing to eliminate any gassing or leaching off of the antimicrobial agent. This ensures the mask to be completely safe for an individual's extended wear.

The Antimicrobial Agent in SpectraShield™
Source: Fosshield® fiber manufactured by Foss Manufacturing, LLC


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